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£10 plus P&P
Total Payable £11.50
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£10 plus P&P
Total Payable £13.50
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Once payment is received we will post your GIVE IT ONE CD to the address linked to the PayPal payment, unless otherwise instructed.

                                                                                                 ABOUT THE MUSIC


I'd had the music programme 'Logic' for ten years and only turned it on every now and again. Then about three years ago, as an experiment, I tracked up a big band chart, just the trumpets. I added some reverb and was so pleased with the results decided to do all the other instruments. To get some colour in the arrangement, I did the Saxophones with mutes and the Trombone parts on Flugelhorn. This all sounded great but the rhythm section was missing. So I very slowly, one note at a time put on a bass line, added sample drums, and worked out some simple piano pads.

Now it was all starting to sound  pretty good but was only of demo quality. So it got me thinking, why not try to do the album I've been going on about for years using this format. So there you have it, the birth of this album. 

Apart from two tracks, and the rhythm section, it's all me. All done with an iMac, simple interface, one microphone, two foldback monitors, mouse, keyboard, and in my garden shed. The final mix and mastering had to be done professionally to give it that final touch of class I was looking for. 

I've loved every minute of this project. It's been such an education. I've been in my own little world at the bottom of the garden. 

Just perfect.

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